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Welded Metal Tube Making Machine Pipe Forming Mill
Metal tube making machine is design to produce metal pipes especially steel pipes, it takes advanced roll forming principle to form metal coil into welded pipes. XFX provides customers with several models welded pipe making machine for different pipe size and thickness.
Standard Models For Metal Tube Machine:
XFX also offer non-standard model according customer’s requirement.
Metal Pipe Mill Production Process:
Drawing For Metal Tube Machine:
Installed MS Tube Mill At Customer’s Site:
FAQ For Metal Pipe Machine:
Q: What does the whole metal pipe making machine include?
A: The whole welded pipe production line contains raw material uncoiler, strip shearing and welding machine, material accumulator, forming and sizing mill, pipe cutting saw, pipe unloading table.
Q: Is there any other equipment buyer need to purchase?
A: Buyer need to purchase some spare parts such as bearings, magnet bars for welding, saw blades for cutting, which is necessary in the later production. Buyer also need to purchase -electric wires for connection, water pump for recycling water and material for making machine foundation, etc. We can also provide buyer with everything if buyer want one-stop service.
Q: Is the machine easy to operate?
A: The welded tube mill line is not very easy to operate at first, we can offer our technicians to tech your workers, also we can arrange experienced technicians to stay at your site for help if needed.
As one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of welded metal tube making machine pipe forming mill in China, XFX Tube Mill Machinery has been dedicated to this field for over 30 years and have already received good reputation both in home and abroad. Welcome to buy tube mills with high precision and reliable performance at competitive price with our factory. We can also offer you welded metal tube making machine pipe forming mill video if necessary.Pipe Mill factory China

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