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Product Description
Powder metallurgyr stepped upper bearing.
It is made of pre-alloyed powder in the bowl of the platform. Due to the specificity of the material, this product can reach the hardness of 38-45hrc only with sintering hardening, so it has better deformation control.As with the terraced bowl, this product also requires a patent license from the purchaser. Contact us for details.

Technical Parameter
1. Ball diameter.:Sφ33
2. Weight:50g
3. Density:>7.1g/cm³
4. Heat treatment hardness: 38-45HRC

Process Flow
1.Mixing→2.Pressing→3.Sintering→4Heat treatment→5..Polishing→6.Oil pregnation→7.packaging.

Material Control sheet
Material Control sheet
Material DeslgnationType of MaterialChemical Composition(%)
1. What the product certification does your factory have?
A: We have CE and TS16949-2009.
2. Which type of the products that your company mainly produce?
A: We main produce iron powder metallurgy products, which are mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, sewing machine, electric garden tools, etc. Auto parts are mainly used for engine distribution system, chassis steering system and automatic adjustment arm accessories. Among them, the automatic adjustment arm accessories are our main accessories, which occupy our sales amount more than 60%, and provide powder metallurgy accessories to 70% of the automatic adjustment arm manufacturers in China.
3. What is the quality management system that your company carries out?
A: The quality management system that we carried out is TS16949-2009.
4. How many kinds of powder metallurgy material you choose to use?
A: till now, we frequently use Hybird Low-alloy steel, Diffusion-alloyed steel, pre-alloyed steel, sinter-hardened steel, Ordinary iron carbon, iron and copper carbon powder etc, stainless steel we also use.
5. if your testing equipments is completed?
A: We have an independent laboratory, such as densitometer, profilometer, electron microscope scanner, steel innac spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer, hardness tester, strength tester, etc.
6. Do you make mould by yourself or outside?
A: We have a shaddick walking silk, a shaddick mirror spark machine, six ordinary sparks machine (from Taiwan), an automatic grinding machine, a high precision grinding machine, and various kinds of lathe, internal and external circular grinding machine, etc., mould workshop scale is equivalent to a medium-sized mold processing plant. our powder metallurgy mould is produced by our Powder Metallurgy Bearing Or Housing

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